Without Champions, SBY Signs DCS DemokratTegar Party Arief Fadly – OkezoneSabtu, March 2, 2013 19:04 pm

BOGOR – Democrats still do not determine the implementation schedule Extraordinary Congress (KLB) to appoint a chairman (Champions) Anas Urbaningrum replacement. But this will not hinder the process of submitting a list Caleg While (DCS) to the General Elections Commission (KPU).

Members of Board of Trustees of the Democratic Party, Amir Syamsudin explained that the authority to determine which names will be listed in the DCS later appointed by the High Council of the Party, chaired by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

“Articles of Association of our party certainly set the authority of the House of Lords so our principle. Inside Statutes also set how the Supreme Council has the authority in determining the terms of other members of the House of Representatives candidates,” said Amir in Puri Cikeas, Bogor, West Java , Saturday (03/02/2013).

Amir Admittedly, there are special situations that happen to not set explicitly in the Articles of Association of the party, as related in the case of an absence ketuaumum. That is why temporary charge, including the determination of DCS held by the Supreme Council of the Party.

On the same occasion, Amir also believes that the Commission will be able to understand the condition of the Democratic Party, where the final decision related to the DCS for the Supreme Council of the Party.

“I believe that is true, the Commission as a body elections would notice things like this. Actually is not empty at all. Statutes We are the obvious stated, the Supreme Council eksplitisit authority in the appointment, appoint governors, deputy governors, presidential and vice president and members of parliament. was it, “said Amir.

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